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New site, new plans

Author: fernbap Posted at 01/23/14 - 12:09 PM


Lightneasy is suffering an evolution to a complete renovated CMS, that will be LightNEasy 4. So far, i am preparing the release of LNE 3.9.

However, 3.9 is as reliable or stable as 3.2.5, and has even a couple of bugs from 3.2.5 fixed and increased security.

I will be releasing updated builds as often as possible, each one further advanced in the evolution.

The evolution will be based on the following:

  • HTML5 code;
  • A more modern look
  • Ajax administration

I would apreciate feedback from the users, regarding both the technical or aestetics issues.

I will enable 3.9 for download as soon as possible


LightNEasy comes in 2 versions

You are welcome to visit our test sites and experiment with LightNEasy.

LightNEasy SQLite test site

LightNEasy no database test site



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